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Wabash National Corp.: Worth The Risk


- Wabash stock has underperformed the broader market so far in 2019, but there are reasons to remain bullish.

- It reported Q3 2019 results that showed significant YoY improvements. Additionally, the company's newest operating segment continues to report promising results.

- I believe Wabash shares are worth the risk, especially at current levels, so I plan to stay long the stock.

Wabash National Corp. (WNC) is a diversified semi-truck manufacturer that operates in three main segments: Commercial Trailer Products, Diversified Products, and Final Mile Products. It is an industry leader and has reported strong(ish) operating results over the last year, but the company's stock has underperformed the broader market by a wide margin on a YTD basis.

However, I believe that Wabash is well-positioned for 2020, so, in my opinion, investors with a long-term mindset should treat any significant pullbacks as buying opportunities. The company should be viewed as a high-risk/high-reward investment, but if you ask me, it is worth the risk at today's price.

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