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DuPont Is Well-Positioned For The Future


- DuPont's stock has underperformed the broader market since Corteva was spun off (the last of the Dow-DuPont spin-offs).

- However, DuPont is well-positioned for the future and I believe that DD shares will outperform the broader market over the next 18-24 months.

- I hold a sizable position in DuPont and I have no plans to sell any shares in the near future.

DuPont de Nemours ($DD) is a stock that keeps giving - giving pain that is, as DD shares are down significantly since the last business, Corteva (CTVA), was spun out of the old DuPont-Dow in early June 2019.

While the stock has not performed well lately, I still believe that DuPont is well-positioned for the future and that DD shares are attractively valued at today's price. Moreover, DuPont's thesis appears to be still intact, so investors should expect for DD shares to change course and outperform the market over the next 18-24 months, especially if the asset sale rumors come to fruition.

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