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Teladoc Health: This Is An Opportunity


- Teladoc Health's strong Q2 2019 operating results show that this company is well-positioned for the future.

- I believe that the pullback for Teladoc's stock is a long-term buying opportunity.

- I recently added to my Teladoc position and I plan to stay long the stock.

Teladoc Health's ($TDOC) stock has remained under pressure for most of 2019, which is shown by the fact that the broader market is outperforming TDOC shares by almost 1 percentage point over the last 8 plus months.

Teladoc has had a tough year - concerns related to its use of non-GAAP metrics, "soft" guidance heading into 2019, and the CFO & COO Mr. Mark Hirschhorn's departure - but I believe that the recent pullback is a buying opportunity for investors that are focused on the long term.

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