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Prudential Financial: The Pullback Created An Opportunity


- Prudential Financial reported mixed Q2 2019 results that were not well-received by the market.

- The stock is down in the mid-double-digit range over the last week largely due to concerns related to Prudential's near-term forward earnings potential.

- The recent pullback created a long-term buying opportunity for investors that are willing (and able) to hold onto PRU shares for the next three-to-five years.

Prudential Financial's ($PRU) stock has taken a beating since the company reported mixed Q2 2019 financial results on July 31, 2019. While the stock may be down for legitimate reasons (more on this below), I believe that the investment thesis for this global insurer remains intact. As such, investors can now pick up attractively valued PRU shares and collect a healthy dividend (~4%) while they wait for the long-term story to play out.

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