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Accenture: The New CEO Is Starting Out With A Pretty 'Sweet' Hand


- Accenture's new CEO, Ms. Julie Sweet, will take over a company that is already well-positioned for the future. Simply put, she will start the game with a pretty sweet hand.

- The company's industry is projected to grow materially over the next 5 plus years and, in my opinion, Accenture will be one of the direct beneficiaries.

- I hold a position in Accenture and I plan to stay long the stock.

Accenture ($ACN) announced that its board approved the appointment of Ms. Julie Sweet as the company's next CEO, effective September 1, 2019. Ms. Sweet has been apart of Accenture's senior leadership team for over a decade and she currently serves as the North American CEO.

Ms. Sweet has an extremely impressive background but, to be honest, no one truly knows how this appointment will play out for the company or its shareholders. However, what I do know is that Accenture has great long-term business prospects and that the company is already well-positioned for the future. Therefore, I believe that the new CEO will start the game with pretty sweet hand (see what I did there?).

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