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Disney: When 'Losing' Is The Right Thing To Do


- Disney is restructuring its business, so management recently released recasted its financial results for the last three fiscal years.

- The company is losing money in the streaming business, but I view this as a necessary evil.

- I am long Disney, and I recently added to my position.

Walt Disney ($DIS) stock has not performed well lately, the shares have still outperformed the broader market over the last year.

Investors have been concerned about Disney's future, and rightfully so, as the company tries to position itself in a changing media environment. It was recently reported that Disney is "losing over $1 billion in streaming", which is a topic that the bears are running with. I, however, believe that this company is making necessary investments that will put it in a better position for the years ahead. Simply put, Disney shareholders should ignore the noise and focus on importance of this company getting it right in the streaming space.

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