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Wabash National: A Shareholder-Friendly Company That Is Worth A Look


- Wabash National's stock has not performed well so far in 2018, and I believe that investors should expect for WNC shares to be extremely volatile over the next few quarters.

- However, I believe that this shareholder-friendly company is worthy of investment dollars.

- I am already long Wabash National, and I may add more WNC shares in the near future.

Wabash National ($WNC) pre-announced its Q3 2018 results in early October and the stock fell by over 20%. The stock recovered after the initial dip, but shares are now trading back below the $13 level again.

There are definitely risks to the story, but, as I previously described, Wabash National is worthy of investment dollars if your time horizon is longer than 12-18 months and if you are willing (and able) to stomach the volatility.

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