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Teladoc Health: Down But Not Out


- Teladoc Health's stock is down big over the last three months.

-And the recent departure of Teladoc Health's Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer added fuel to the fire.

- However, I believe that TDOC shares are still worthy of investment dollars. I am long Teladoc Health and I plan to stay long.

Teladoc Health's ($TDOC) stock has faced significant downward pressure as the broader market pulled back over the last few months but, more recently, the high-level personnel issue (i.e., the COO/CFO resignation) added fuel to the fire.

The stock has actually performed well so far in 2018, even after factoring the recent dip, so some shareholders may still be sitting on a nice gain for the year. So, the question is: does the personnel issue make the stock a sell? In short, no. However, I do believe that Mr. Mark Hirschhorn's, Chief Operating Officer ("COO") and Chief Financial Officer ("CFO"), resignation adds risk to the story.

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