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Prudential Financial Is Worth A Look


Prudential Financial recently held its 2019 investor outlook call.

Management guided for the company to have a strong(ish) 2019 and, more importantly, PRU shares are dirt cheap based on several key metrics.

I am long Prudential Financial and I may get longer in the near future.

Prudential Financial (PRU) recently held its annual investor outlook call and, in my opinion, there was a lot to like about what management had to say. Not only did management project for Prudential to have a strong 2019 but they also announced a meaningful addition to the insurer's buyback program ($2B).

PRU shares have not performed well so far in 2018, so the positive takeaways from the investor outlook call should be welcomed news.

With shares down almost 25%, I believe that Prudential is worth a look, of course, if you are willing (and able) to hold onto the position for at least the next two to three years.

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