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General Electric: My Thoughts On The CNBC Interview And The BHGE Sale


- General Electric's new CEO, Mr. Larry Culp, recently had an interview with CNBC's David Faber. Two points stuck with me.

- The Baker Hughes sale was announced and, in my opinion, it was a great/necessary decision.

- I am long GE and I plan to stay long.

I have written a lot about General Electric ($GE) lately, as this company is in the midst of major restructuring efforts that were first announced in November 2017. GE has changed course seven or eight times over the last two years (exaggerating, kind of) but the most recent change occurred when Mr. Larry Culp replaced Mr. John Flannery as CEO.

Mr. Culp has been on the job for only a few weeks now but he is already making himself available to the financial community. And more importantly, he is making structural decisions that will have a lastly impact on this once-great conglomerate.

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