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Thoughts On General Electric Heading Into 'Judgment Day'


- General Electric plans to release Q3 2018 results at the end of October and the company's new CEO will take center stage.

- I will describe in this article the topic(s) that I would like to hear more about from the new CEO.

- I am long General Electric and I plan to stay the course.

As most people already know, General Electric ($GE) recently pushed back its Q3 2018 earnings release date from October 25 to October 30, 2018 and many analysts are nervously awaiting what the results/commentary may bring. The exact reason for the rescheduled release date is not fully known, but the company let investors know that the extra time would "allow GE Chairman and CEO Larry Culp to complete business reviews and site visits". The company also disclosed that Mr. Culp would share his initial observations of his review in October 2018 and will provide additional details in early 2019.

Anyhow, currently the important thing to highlight is the fact that GE's stock has given back almost all of its gain that it saw from the CEO change announcement.

In this article, I do not want to waste your time trying to guess what may happen when the company's new CEO speaks about GE's future state for the first time but, instead, I will spend a few minutes covering what I will be interested in hearing about later this month.

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