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Xinyuan Real Estate: 3 Reasons To Stay Long

Summary Points:

- Xinyuan's stock has significantly underperformed the broader market so far in 2018.

- However, I will provide 3 legitimate reasons why investors should consider staying long the stock, even after factoring in the risks.

- I plan to stay long the stock. What are your thoughts about Xinyuan in today's environment?

Xinyuan Real Estate ($XIN) has underperformed the broader market over the last two years, and the stock has still not been able to find its footing so far in 2018.

It hurts to look at this chart. Anyhow, Mr. Sven Carlin published a great articlecovering Xinyuan's most recent results - it should also be noted that Mr. John Sheehy's blog, Koneko Research, is a must-follow for anyone interested in Xinyuan - so instead of tackling the numbers again, I will spend a few minutes reviewing this company at higher level. To do this, I will explain the three main reasons why I believe that shareholders should seriously consider staying the course with this high risk/high reward Chinese real estate company.

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