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Baker Hughes, A GE Company Has A Bright(Er) Future

Summary Points:

- Baker Hughes, a GE Company recently reported mixed Q2 2018 results but the company's largest operating unit continues to be impress.

- Baker Hughes, a GE Company has operated in a challenging environment for years now but the macro environment appears to be improving. As such, the company's future looks bright[er].

- I plan to stay long the stock.

Baker Hughes, a GE Company ($BHGE) has failed to win over the market, as shown by the fact that the company's stock has significantly under performed the broader market over the last year.

Since the newly created entity went public in mid-2017, industry prospects have improved but Baker Hughes, a GE Company's ("Baker Hughes") management team has failed to build a bull case for the stock. I have maintained my long position in Baker Hughes and, while the stock has not performed well so far, I believe that the company's long-term business prospects are strong. The company has a bright[er] future.

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