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Another Reason To Own Honeywell: A Deeper Dive Into The Upcoming Spinoff

Summary Points:

- Honeywell was already a must-own company/stock, but in my opinion, the spinoffs are another reason to own the company's shares today.

- There is a lot to like about the upcoming spinoff, Garrett Motion Inc. However, investors need to consider several major risk factors.

- I plan to hold onto my Garrett Motion shares once the company gets spun out. What are your thoughts on this soon-to-be standalone entity?

I recently published a bullish article on Honeywell ($HON) and described why investors should stick with this "winning" company. As described in the linked article, Honeywell is well-positioned for 2018 (and beyond), and the company's recent operating results fully supports the bull case for this industrial conglomerate.

In this article, I will describe another reason why investors may want to stay invested in Honeywell through at least the end of 2018, i.e., the upcoming spinoffs, and more specifically, the Garrett Motion (GTX) spin that will occur in the near future.

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