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General Electric: How I Currently View This Beaten Down Conglomerate


- General Electric's stock is at levels not seen since the Financial Crisis era.

- The company still has a long way to go, but its management team is doing what is necessary to right the ship.

- I plan to stay long the stock. What are your thoughts?

General Electric ($GE) is a highly debated stock and the investors that watched from the sidelines over the last almost two decades have avoided a tremendous amount of pain.

The recent stock performance has also been cringeworthy, as GE's stock price is down approximately 50% over the last 52 weeks. GE shares have actually reached levels not seen since the Financial Crisis (over 8 years ago).

So, investors must now ask themselves: why is investing in GE today any different than it has been over the past 17 plus years? There is obviously no guarantee that GE shares will outperform the broader market in the near future but, in my opinion, the risk-reward setup is now more favorable than it has been in years.

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