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Wabash National: Slow Start To The Year But The Company Is Well-Positioned For The Future


- Wabash National's stock has underperformed the broader market so far in 2018 but there are reasons to remain bullish.

- Wabash reported strong Q2 2018 results but the market was not impressed.

- I plan to stay long the stock, how about you?

Wabash National ($WNC) is a diversified semi-truck manufacturer that operates in three main segments: Commercial Trailer Products, Diversified Products, and Final Mile Products. Wabash is a leader in its industry and has reported strong operating results over the last year, but the company's stock has underperformed the broader market by a wide margin so far in 2018.

I, however, believe that Wabash is well-positioned for 2018 and beyond; so, in my opinion, investors should use this pullback as a long-term buying opportunity.

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