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Wabash National: Impressive Q1 2018 Results But The Margins Were Nothing To Brag About

Summary Points:

- Wabash National reported strong top-line growth for Q1 2018 but the company faced several headwinds that caused margin pressure.

- WNC shares are attractively valued and it helps the bull case that the company is operating in a promising business environment.

- Wabash National's stock is a long-term buy at today's price.

Wabash National ($WNC) has been a top-performer for the R.I.P. Portfolio over the last few years but, more recently, WNC shares have underperformed the broader market by a wide margin.

I believe the underperformance for the stock so far in 2018 has created a buying opportunity for long-term investors, because, in my opinion, Wabash's management team has this company well-positioned for 2018 and beyond.

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