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Accenture: The Pullback Is A Long-Term Buying Opportunity

Summary Points:

- Accenture recently reported better-than-expected Q2 2018 operating results (top- and bottom-line beats).

- However, the market is concerned about the company's operating margins and the potential for additional margin pressure over the next few quarters. In my opinion, these concerns are overblown.

- Accenture is a long-term buy at today's price.

Accenture ($ACN) has been a top-performer for the R.I.P. portfolio for several years now but the company's most recent operating results (and forward guidance) caused a major selloff for the stock.

The market is concerned about Accenture's operating margins, in addition to the company's "lackluster" outlook, but, in my opinion, the recent selloff is creating a buying opportunity in a digital-focused company that has great long-term business prospects.

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