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Under Armour: Questions Remain, But I Intend To Stay Long The Stock

Summary Points:

- Under Armour reported strong operating results to end 2017, and I believe that 2018 could be a game-changing year for the company.

- Even after considering the uncertainties, I plan to stay long Under Armour.

- Under Armour is a long-term buy at today's price.

I have held an Under Armour ($UAA) ($UA) position (the C shares to be specific) in the R.I.P. portfolio for well-over a year, and it would be an understatement to say that I have been disappointed in my selection of this once market darling. Under Armour's stock has underperformed the broader market by a wide margin over the last year, and it is the same story if you widen the lens and look back over the last five years.

So, why would anyone want to have their funds invested in a company that appears to be left for dead? Under Armour definitely still needs to answer plenty of questions but, in my opinion, the company has promising long-term business prospects and is worthy of investment dollars.

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