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KeyCorp Is Well Positioned For 2018 And Beyond

Summary Points:

- KeyCorp's Q4 2017 results were nothing to brag about, but the bank has great, long-term business prospects and several catalysts in place.

- This regional bank has a great, long-term story to tell, and the thesis is already playing out.

- KeyCorp is a long-term buy at today's price.

KeyCorp ($KEY) rarely ever gets mentioned when analysts talk about regional banks that have promising, long-term business prospects but, in my opinion, there is a lot to like about this Cleveland, Ohio-based company. Let's also not forget that KeyCorp's stock has performed well over the last year, as KEY's shares are up ~14% while the SPDR Regional Bank ETF ($KRE) is up only ~13% over the same period of time.

This regional bank has been a top performer for the R.I.P. portfolio, but I believe that the stock still has room to run. More specifically, KeyCorp has a great management team and it has the bank well-positioned for 2018 and beyond. Additionally, the bank is operating in an environment that has promising (and improving) long-term business prospects.

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