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Xinyuan Real Estate: The Risk Is To The Upside

Summary Points:

- Xinyuan reported strong top- and bottom-line results for Q4 and Full-year 2017.

- The company has significantly grown its revenue over the last five years, and I see no signs of a slow down.

- Xinyuan is a long-term buy at today's price.

Xinyuan Real Estate's ($XIN) stock has taken shareholders on a roller coaster ride over the last 12 months, but let's not forget that XIN shares are still outperforming the broader market by a wide margin over this period of time.

I have had a Xinyuan position in my R.I.P. portfolio for years now and the XIN shares have been a top performer, at least lately, but I believe that there is still room for the stock to run. To be clear, while there are definitely major risks that need to be considered before investing in Xinyuan, I believe that the risk is currently to the upside.

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