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Disney: A Nice Place To 'Park' Your Money

Summary Points:

- Disney reported impressive Q1 2018 results, but the company's Parks & Resorts operating segment was the real standout.

- There are three legitimate reasons to stay long the stock.

- Disney is a long-term buy at today's price.

Walt Disney ($DIS) is a company that we have held for years now but the last year was a painful period of time, as DIS shares underperformed the broader market by over 20 percentage points.

I, however, believe that DIS shares are still a great long-term investment and that the ESPN concerns have been way overblown. Moreover, in my opinion, the company's other segments, especially Parks & Resorts, are finally in a position to take some of the attention off of the struggling Media Networks division. Therefore, I believe that DIS shares are a great place to park your money if you have an investment time horizon longer than two to three years.

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