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The Q2 2017 Update For the R.I.P. Portfolio

The Retire In Peace, or R.I.P., portfolio was first introduced in December of 2015, and it has outperformed the S&P 500 by approximately 3 percentage points since that point in time.

The Q2 2017 highlights for the portfolio were:

- The portfolio only returned 2.2% for the most recent quarter, which was below the performance of the S&P 500

- The top holding, General Electric ($GE), was a major drag to the portfolio's overall performance for the quarter. However, I believe that this industrial conglomerate is still a long-term buy.

- The financial holdings - Bank of America ($BAC), Citigroup ($C), and KeyCorp ($KEY) - were again the top performers of the portfolio.

- The projected annual dividend income for the portfolio is up 58% when compared to the prior year.

Read more about the portfolio and its performance at the following link:

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