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General Electric: You Are Not Chasing The Rainbow If The Pot Of Gold Is Already In Sight

Summary points of the article:

*GE is trading a high P/E ratio, but I believe that the premium is warranted.

*The Alstom acquisition and the digital push are key growth drivers.

*GE is a long-term buy at today's price.

"In "GE: Chasing A Rainbow Is Never A Good Idea," the prolific author and CNBC contributor David Alton Clark told prospective dividend growth and income investors that may be interested in investing in General Electric (NYSE:GE) that "now is not the time to buy." While I agree that GE is trading at a fairly high price-to-earnings ratio ("P/E ratio"), and that the stock appears to be overbought at the moment, I would contend that now may be the best time to layer into a GE position. In my opinion, you are not really chasing the rainbow if the pot of gold is already in sight."

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