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Introducing The R.I.P. Portfolio

In the article linked below, I introduced the Seeking Alpha community to the Retire In Peace portfolio, or the R.I.P. portfolio for short, which is one of my family portfolios. Yes, this is real money. This is not our main retirement portfolio, but it is a portfolio that will greatly contribute to a stress free and relaxing retirement.

These updates will allow commentators on Seeking Alpha to evaluate the portfolio's performance, as these holdings are the stocks that I write about here on SA. I want to share this portfolio to allow my followers to track the performance of the stocks that I write about in addition to allowing them to see what adjustments I make on a monthly basis. Also, I hope that allowing everyone to see my purchases and sales will lead to constructive discussions about the company's that I consider "core holdings". I learn on a daily basis from others on SA, so these updates will also benefit me.

See more at the following location:

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