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Teladoc Health: The Growth Is Here To Stay


*Teladoc Health recently reported impressive Q1 2020 results and management provided strong full-year 2020 guidance.

*This "new" market darling has a strong bull case and the company's growth profile keeps getting stronger.

*We are long Teladoc Health, and we plan to stay long the stock.

Teladoc Health's ($TDOC) stock has significantly outperformed the broader market on a year-to-date basis.

Teladoc is currently being viewed as one of the few companies that have actually benefited from the current health crisis, and rightfully so, but I believe that some pundits are still downplaying just how promising this telehealth company's long-term business prospects are. Yes, Teladoc's business has seen increased demand as a result of the spread of COVID-19 but let's also remember that the impressive growth profile was already in place well before the outbreak (although not as impressive as today).

I believe that the stock still has room to run, especially if you are willing (and able) to hold on to shares for the next few years. This current market darling has a bullish long-term story to tell - and Teladoc's recently reported results (and management commentary) prove it.

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