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Accenture's Q3 2018 Results: A Company That Is Firing On All Cylinders


- Accenture reported Q3 2018 results that beat the top- and bottom-line estimates.

- The company is firing on all cylinders, and investors should expect for more of the same in the quarters ahead.

- ACN shares are still a long-term buy even at today's price.

Accenture ($ACN) is one of the few companies in the R.I.P. portfolio that continues to perform well in today's environment and, as a result, the market has rewarded shareholders with a rising stock price. Since I first wrote about Accenture in early 2017, ACN shares have outperformed the broader market by a wide margin.

I still believe today that Accenture is worthy of your investment dollars, even with the stock sitting at [or close to] all-time highs because this company is well-positioned for the changing digital economy. It also helps the bull case that management continues to produce impressive operating results quarter after quarter.

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