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General Electric: The Other Shoe Should Drop Soon

Summary Points:

- This company was recently booted from the Dow, so what should investors expect to happen next?

- Analysts are calling for General Electric to suspend its dividend and I actually agree with these calls.

- I have an overweight position in General Electric and I plan to stay long the stock.

What a month! So far, June 2018 has not been kind to General Electric (GE) or its shareholders, as the stock is currently sitting around $13 per share and is down almost 15% over the last month.

To add injury to insult, GE was also recently booted from the Dow Jones Industrial Average after being apart of the index for over 100 years. How could things possibly get any worst? One thing comes to mind when I think about this question - another dividend cut. I fully expect for General Electric to slash its dividend again but, as a long-term investor, I believe that a dividend reduction would eventually be a positive catalyst for the stock.

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