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Synchrony Financial: Down For A Reason

Summary Points:

- Synchrony reported mixed Q1 2018 results, which had an impact on the stock.

- The company reported strong growth metrics but the asset quality concerns are front-of-mind for most investors.

- Synchrony's stock is a long-term buy at today's price.

Some pundits were confused by the market's muted response to Synchrony Financial's ($SYF) Q1 2018 results, but I, on the other hand, believe that the stock movement (or lack thereof) should have been expected. Since the market's muted response (i.e., the stock price was basically flat after the company released its earnings), SYF shares have significantly underperformed the broader market.

Synchrony's stock is under pressure for a reason but I do believe that this private-label credit card company is still worthy of investment dollars, especially if you are willing (and able) to hold onto shares for at least three-to-five years.

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